5 Ways to Help a Loved One Who Has Anxiety

It wasn’t until I was 27 or 28 that I realized what was wrong with me. I had been going down a scary path. I knew depression was something I battled, but what I didn’t know was depression’s scary little friend, anxiety. Why was I flipping out over little things? Why was I scared toContinue reading “5 Ways to Help a Loved One Who Has Anxiety”

My 10 Must Have Foods For Keto

I’ve been on Keto for a few weeks now and I’m loving the results I am seeing. I have energy, I’m noticing changes in my body already, and I’ve reduced the urge to snack endlessly. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but now that I’ve found what works for me, I’m so glad I decidedContinue reading “My 10 Must Have Foods For Keto”