My Top 5 Podcasts for Direct Sales Professionals

Having been involved in Direct Sales for most of the last 15 years, and with my current company for the last 7, I’ve learned that one of the biggest keys to success is to constantly be growing and learning. This business is a roller coaster of emotions and highs and lows. If you’re not investing back into yourself with personal development, you will struggle and most likely eventually give up.

I commit myself to at least 15 minutes of personal development each day. This guarantees that I at least have the time to listen to either a podcast, video, or audio book while I’m getting ready for the day at the very least. I rarely have time to actually sit down and read, so anything audio is perfect for me. It’s also convenient to listen to in the car on your way to work.

Podcasts are super easy ways to get your 15 minutes in each day. Most of them are anywhere from 10-30 minutes long and they provide great content that can help to encourage you and give you ideas that you can use in your own business.

Here’s my top 5 Podcasts that I listen to:

The Salvaged Soul Podcast

I like her because she keeps it real. She has great advice and incredible guests on occasionally that add even more value.

Sarah Robbins Rock Star Recruiting School

Sarah Robbins is a leader in the industry and has been educating on direct sales for years. She’ll teach you how to build a big business with Network Marketing.

RISE Podcast with Rachel Hollis

This New York Times Best-Selling Author talks to business owners and personal development educators to provide fantastic value to each podcast. This podcast isn’t specifically targeted towards direct sales, but there’s things you’ll be able to use in your own business.

Go Pro with Eric Worre

No list regarding Network Marketing and Direct Sales would be complete without the Godfather himself, Eric Worre. Eric has been in the industry for over 30 years. He has seen success and failure and shares what helped him and others level up and “Go Pro”.

The Goal Digger Podcast

This podcast isn’t specifically about direct sales, but Jenna is a millionaire who drafted her own dream career and is educating others on how she did it so they can too. You will find nuggets of info that can easily be implemented in your own business.

Do you have a podcast that you listen to and love? I’d love to check it out! Make sure you share it with me in the comments or on social media.

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