5 Ways to Help a Loved One Who Has Anxiety

It wasn’t until I was 27 or 28 that I realized what was wrong with me. I had been going down a scary path. I knew depression was something I battled, but what I didn’t know was depression’s scary little friend, anxiety. Why was I flipping out over little things? Why was I scared to leave my home? Why did I think everyone secretly hated me?


Anxiety is scary. If you’ve never experienced it, then you truly do not understand it. It’s suffocating. It’s tightness in your chest. It’s pure panic at times. And to those who don’t experience, it seems like it’s happening for no reason. But to those who battle it every day, it’s all very real.

You may have a loved one who goes through this, and more than likely, it’s hard for you to help them. Maybe when you try to help, they scream at you. Or maybe what you’re trying seems to make them worse. Trust me, you’re not alone. It took my husband several years to finally “learn” me and my anxiety (and he’s still learning) but he’s more help now than ever before.

Let’s dive in to what works and what may make it worse.

1: Understand that they do not always know what is wrong

We just don’t. Panic can creep up on us out of nowhere and all of a sudden we feel unsafe, or worried about things that don’t need to be worried about. If your loved one says that they don’t know, don’t push the subject. Be understanding and patient. Encourage them to go lay down or rest. For some with anxiety, feeling a persons touch or embrace can help, but that’s not true for all. Me, for example, I like to be left alone in a room by myself to try and get my mind around what’s real and what’s not. This, however, is something I’ve taught myself to do over the years when my husband wasn’t the most understanding.

2: Just because they seem okay around others, doesn’t mean that they are

We become incredible fakers. You may see your loved one being outgoing at work or in some social situations and think “Wow! Their anxiety is really getting better.” It’s probably not. We learn to deal. We learn our triggers, and we know our energy levels. Do you ever notice them become completely drained after interactions like that? It’s because they used everything they had mentally to get through it.

I often do makeup tutorials live on Facebook. People assume that I am outgoing, an extrovert, and love being on camera live in front of whoever wants to watch.

FALSE. I do that because I love makeup and want to share it. I know by going live and sharing what I love, it will help people and help my business grow. But afterwards, I’m D O N E. Mentally exhausted and often need quiet for awhile. I learned how to manage my energy for when I need to be “on” (going live, and working in the salon), which is why I don’t go out a lot, and I’m careful who I spend my “down time” with because I need to recharge for when it’s time to be “on” again.

3: They need help but often won’t ask

Anxiety can be knowing we need to get stuff done, whether it’s housework or something else, but we can’t do it. And I mean we physically cannot bring ourselves to do it. Part of that is an energy thing, we may be drained from a long week, or something stressful that we cannot process how to handle. But the other part of that may be that we are overwhelmed with even where to start. Scared we won’t do it right.

Offer to help. Don’t ask them why whatever it is isn’t done. Just help them.

4: Validate their feelings

There’s nothing worse than hearing “You’re being ridiculous” or “That’s crazy, why would you think that way”, etc. when you’re dealing with anxiety. If you have said these things to your loved one, shame on you. It’s time to educate yourself and be their partner in this.

Let them talk their feelings out with you and actually listen to them. Do not interrupt. Just listen. You can say “I may not understand how you feel, but I understand that you feel that way. How can I help you?” You cannot fix them, but you can be there for them 100%.

5: Don’t make them feel worse for what isn’t getting done

Ever come home at the end of the day and notice things that haven’t been done? If you normally would point those out, ask them how their day was. Maybe within that conversation you’ll find out why something wasn’t done. Maybe then you could offer to do it.

More than anything, they need a partner. They need to know they have someone who loves them just as much with or without anxiety. Let them teach you about their anxiety. Learn their triggers. Learn what helps them.

Watching a loved one battle anxiety it’s a walk in the park, but by educating yourself and truly listening to them, you can begin to help them and let them know that they have a partner on this scary ride called anxiety.


10 Things Your Stylist Really Wants You To Know

#1: Bring Visuals to Your Appointment

Hairstylists are visual people. We work better having a picture of what you’re looking for, rather than a description in which we may misunderstand. During the consultation process, we strive to understand what it is you’re going for but often terms that we’re familiar with get used by clients who may not understand their meaning completely (to no fault of their own). Having a picture to reference can help ensure we’re on the same page.

Oh, and bringing pictures of things you do NOT like can help too.

#2: Be Honest About Your Hair History

When your stylist asks you your hair history, be honest with them. They’re not doing it to be nosey. We need to know what is on your hair so we can formulate your color to ensure you can reach your goal. If you say there’s no color on it and that you want platinum blonde highlights, we will know that you lied when we remove the foils and your highlights are orange.

We need to know at minimum a 2 year hair history and what kind of color was used (box or salon). We also need to know if you have well water as that will affect how your color takes and if we need to treat your hair prior to your color service.

Being honest with your stylist and you will be much happier with your results.

#3: We Don’t Raise Our Prices To Upset You

Our education wasn’t free. Our continuing education isn’t free. Our tools and supplies are not cheap.

Salon prices increase on average once per year (or at least they should). As stylists learn new techniques, they become more valuable to the client. Offering services and specialty color skills that not just anyone can do is something that they are proud of and deserve to be compensated for.

Along with that, the ever increasing cost of supplies, utilities, rent, etc. add up quickly. A small price increase can help your stylist and salon continue to grow and prosper.

And trust me, the hardest part for a lot of stylists is letting their clients know that their service cost has increased, even if it’s only $2-$5.

#4: Your Hair May Not Do What You Want It To

This obviously goes for styling, but also about color too. Not everyone’s hair will go platinum on one or even two sessions. A lot of factors go in to this; current color of the hair, what type of water is used at home, and the condition of the hair. If your hair is compromised to begin with, your stylist should recommend conditioning treatments prior to any lightening service to strengthen your hair.

If you have box color on your hair, going to a pale blonde will be a process. Occasionally we find that gem that the box color lifts out beautifully, but that is rare. Plan on at least 2 sessions, possibly more to get to your goal. Listen to your stylist and the advice and expectations they give you. They want nothing more than for you to be happy with your results.

#5: Toner is Essential

Let me start by saying, I have a handful of clients who’s highlights lift to a perfect white blonde and I don’t tone them. However, most of my blondes never leave the shampoo bowl without being toned.

What is toner you ask? Often applied at the bowl after rinsing your color, toner is used to counteract any unwanted tones in blonde hair. If your highlights look yellow or orange, your stylist would apply a toner in a shade that would counteract those colors and give you more desirable results. The use of a toner does not mean that your stylist messed up. It’s just part of the hair color process.

You don’t have to be blonde to receive a toner though. Often referred to as “glossing” or a “glaze”, we sometimes do the same process on our brunettes and redheads to intensify a color and add shine.

#6: Empty Chairs = Empty Bank Accounts

We understand that things come up and you may not be able to make it to your appointment, but when you cancel at the last minute or no-show, your stylist has no chance to fill that spot which equals no pay for the time they had you scheduled out for. Most stylists and salons will ask for 24-36 hours notice if you need to cancel (unless an emergency comes up). If you cancel late, or even worse, no show you may end up finding yourself paying more at your next appointment by being charged a fee to make up for the spot you cancelled in.

Salons base their pricing on a lot of things, but the main one being how much each chair needs to bring in in a day for the salon to be profitable. Empty chairs = no money coming in. If you plan on not coming, please give your stylist at least 36 hours notice so they can attempt to fill that spot. Once the 24 hour mark passes, it’s much harder to do so.

#7: All Color Services Are Not Created Equal

We don’t expect you to know the terms for all of the different color techniques, but it is important that you give your stylist an idea what you’d like to have done. We have had clients call in for an all over color and then come to find out they want an ombre. Or someone wanting blonde highlights, only to find out they have box black on their hair. That’s the difference between a 2 hour service and a 4 hour service. If you book one thing and then ask for another when you show up, your stylist may not have time to accommodate what you want if it’s going to put them behind for their next client.

#8: We Don’t Mean to Run Behind

Occasionally if we’re running behind, it is our fault. But often it’s out of our control. It could be a situation as mentioned in #7, or maybe their 2nd client of the day was 10 minutes late and that pushed the rest of the day behind. We do our best to catch up, but we cannot sacrifice the quality of our work to do so.

If time is of the essence and us being a few minutes behind is going to be a problem, politely let us know and we would be happy to reschedule your service. You can also let your stylist know upon booking that your schedule is tight that day and if they’re running behind they can contact you before you even show up.

#9: We Don’t Enjoy Turning People Away

Hairstylists work on commission, so no, they don’t like to turn any service down. However, sometimes we don’t have a choice. Whether it’s a color service that would end up damaging the clients hair, or a walk-in for a haircut that no one has time in their schedule for right then, we HATE turning clients down. Please be understanding. If your stylist turns down your color service, listen and take the advice they give you. If you walk-in for a haircut and no one is available, go ahead and set up an appointment for when it’s convenient for you and the stylist. And remember, just because a salon accepts walk-ins doesn’t mean they’ll have availability right when you walk in.

#10: Stylists Make LITTLE Off Of Retail Sales

Commission on retail (if even offered) for stylist is SMALL. Like 10% or less in most salons. So when they are recommending products to you, they’re certainly not doing it to get rich. They’re doing it because they are educated on the products, they know your hair, and in their professional opinion they know that they will work for you. Trust your Licensed stylist more than someone on social media just selling you random haircare.

But most importantly, Stylists wish our clients knew how much we value and love them. Without you, our careers would not be possible.

My 10 Must Have Foods For Keto

I’ve been on Keto for a few weeks now and I’m loving the results I am seeing. I have energy, I’m noticing changes in my body already, and I’ve reduced the urge to snack endlessly. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but now that I’ve found what works for me, I’m so glad I decided to do it.

The biggest thing for me is planning. I need to ensure that I always have something on hand that is “Keto friendly” so I don’t find myself wanting or grabbing for something I shouldn’t have. I’ll do another post soon on my journey, but for now I want to share with you 10 things that I always have on hand. These items set me up for success and leave me confident that I can reach my goals.

#1: Eggs

Eggs are a staple for me. I eat them for breakfast, and sometimes dinner. Hardboiled eggs are great to have on hand for a quick and easy snack throughout the day too. At just 1 net carb per egg, you can’t go wrong.

#2: Lunchmeat

Lunchmeat is a great option for Keto. You can use it in lettuce wraps, or top a salad with it to bump up your protein for the day.

#3: Flavor Enhancers

I cannot live without MiO while on Keto. If I’m going to drink water all day, I need a little flavor in it. 1 small squirt will do the trick and these make it super easy to pop in your purse when you’re on the go.

#4: Burger

I use burger a lot in my recipes. Whether its a burger on a lettuce wrap, meatballs (skip the breadcrumbs), or using it in my Taco Casserole or Big Mac Salad, this is something that you can do a lot with if you have it on hand.

#5: Mixed Nuts

When you just need a small snack, a handful of nuts can go along way. Be careful, there are carbs so always check the label and make sure you’re not eating more than you should.

#6: Slim Jims

If you know me, you know I love this as a snack. I keep a few of the small sticks in my car and at the salon to have if I just need something quick.

#7: Riced Cauliflower and Other Frozen Veggies

There’s never a time that my freezer isn’t stocked with frozen veggies, especially riced cauliflower. I use it in almost every casserole I make as a substitute for rice and pasta. And you know what? There’s not much of a difference in taste or texture.

#8: Citrus and Strawberries

Fruit is usually a no-go on Keto because it’s so high in natural sugar. However, if you find yourself under on your carbs and need something sweet, Oranges and other citrus fruits, as well as strawberries have 12 grams of carbs or less per serving.

#9: Quest Bars

You’ll find these in the health food aisle and they are amazing. Low carb and gives you the snacky-snack satisfaction that you will need from time to time. Great for on the go or to grab in the morning if you don’t have time for breakfast.

#10: Canned Chicken

I know, I know. It’s not the most appetizing thing in the world BUT it’s a must have if you’re on Keto. I like to cook up some broccoli and cheese (frozen obviously) and then mix some chicken in with it. I’ll microwave it for another 30 seconds or so until the chicken is warmed through and then enjoy! It’s a great quick and easy lunch.

Do you do Keto? What are some of your must have items? Let me know below!

My Top 5 Podcasts for Direct Sales Professionals

Having been involved in Direct Sales for most of the last 15 years, and with my current company for the last 7, I’ve learned that one of the biggest keys to success is to constantly be growing and learning. This business is a roller coaster of emotions and highs and lows. If you’re not investing back into yourself with personal development, you will struggle and most likely eventually give up.

I commit myself to at least 15 minutes of personal development each day. This guarantees that I at least have the time to listen to either a podcast, video, or audio book while I’m getting ready for the day at the very least. I rarely have time to actually sit down and read, so anything audio is perfect for me. It’s also convenient to listen to in the car on your way to work.

Podcasts are super easy ways to get your 15 minutes in each day. Most of them are anywhere from 10-30 minutes long and they provide great content that can help to encourage you and give you ideas that you can use in your own business.

Here’s my top 5 Podcasts that I listen to:

The Salvaged Soul Podcast

I like her because she keeps it real. She has great advice and incredible guests on occasionally that add even more value.

Sarah Robbins Rock Star Recruiting School

Sarah Robbins is a leader in the industry and has been educating on direct sales for years. She’ll teach you how to build a big business with Network Marketing.

RISE Podcast with Rachel Hollis

This New York Times Best-Selling Author talks to business owners and personal development educators to provide fantastic value to each podcast. This podcast isn’t specifically targeted towards direct sales, but there’s things you’ll be able to use in your own business.

Go Pro with Eric Worre

No list regarding Network Marketing and Direct Sales would be complete without the Godfather himself, Eric Worre. Eric has been in the industry for over 30 years. He has seen success and failure and shares what helped him and others level up and “Go Pro”.

The Goal Digger Podcast

This podcast isn’t specifically about direct sales, but Jenna is a millionaire who drafted her own dream career and is educating others on how she did it so they can too. You will find nuggets of info that can easily be implemented in your own business.

Do you have a podcast that you listen to and love? I’d love to check it out! Make sure you share it with me in the comments or on social media.

5 Habits of People With Great Skin

I make it no secret that I struggled with my skin for most of my twenties. With PCOS, acne is one of the major symptoms. Truth be told, I, like many women in their twenties, didn’t take care of my skin like I should have and that contributed to the fact that I never got a break from the breakouts.

It wasn’t until I hit the big 3-0 that I got serious and found a skin care line that worked for me and actually helped to clear my face up. But don’t be fooled, a skin care routine is just PART of what is needed for perfect, glowing skin. Keep reading for 5 habits that people with great skin have.

Habit 1: Drinking Water

Drinking water is major, and no, just that glass you have before bed doesn’t count. Water needs to be the main drink you consume on a daily basis. Now, the amount you need largely depends on your body weight, so I won’t give amounts you should consume here, but drinking at least 8 glasses daily will have you feeling better and your skin looking healthier.

Water hydrates your skin from within. Often I have clients ask what they can do for their dry skin, or they say that their skin is usually oily or normal, but lately it seems dull, or dry. If you’re not getting enough water in your body, your skin can appear dry when in reality it’s dehydrated.

Once you up your water intake, you’ll notice that your skin starts to look healthier again. You may have a little glow. You may even notice that your fine lines are not as noticeable. That in itself is motivation to go fill that glass with water.

Habit 2: Removing Makeup AND Cleansing

Yes. These are TWO different steps in your skin care routine. If you’re a makeup wearer, the first thing you should do is use a makeup remover (or cleanser) to take all of your makeup off. Use something gentle around your eyes since the skin is much thinner there.

Once you remove your makeup, use a gentle cleanser to CLEAN your skin. This step will remove any left over makeup plus any dirt or oil that’s clogging your pores. If you’re not currently doing this 2 step process, try it! You’ll love how clean and refreshed your skin feels.

Habit 3: Hands Free

Let’s be honest, there’s not too many of us that actually use the phone for talking anymore, right? Except when we absolutely have to 😉 Between texting, social media, games, and more we spend a lot of times TOUCHING the surface of our phones. Unless you’re a chronic hand washer, your screen could be full of bacteria at any given moment. Answer the phone and put it up to your face and that bacteria is now on your cheek.

My advise is to clean your screen often, and use handsfree when possible. Let’s face it, we can’t avoid talking on the phone sometimes, but when possible do what you can to reduce the chances of breakouts caused by it.

Habit 4: Moisturize

Do you moisturize? If not, you should be! Moisturizers help to keep your skin glowing, youthful, and nourished. As we age, our skin loses moisture and elasticity resulting in dull skin and fine lines.

Start now and find a moisturizer that is formulated for your skin (yes, even if you have oily skin, there’s one for you). At minimum, use it before bed. Your skin regenerates overnight and will soak up the nourishment of whatever you have on your skin. Just make sure you cleanse your skin again in the morning to remove any dead skin cells or left over product.

Habit 5: Weekly Masks

If you’re not doing a skin care mask at least weekly, you’re not optimizing your skin’s potential. What kind of mask you use will depend on your skin type, but I recommend an exfoliating mask to start for anyone. An exfoliating mask will help to remove dead skin cells, dry patches, and help to clean out your pores. The result is smaller looking pores, clearer skin, and makeup that lays smoother than before. My favorite Exfoliating Mask can be found here.

There’s a ton of masks on the market these days, so its important to do your research to ensure you’re getting a quality product that will give you results.

The best thing to do for your skin is to visit an Esthetician at least monthly to have a facial and find out what your skin needs specifically.

Eye Enhancing Makeup Tips

They say that eyes are the window to the soul. If that’s the case, here are some tricks to help you frame them perfectly.

Small Eyes? Skip the dark liner.

If light makes things appear larger, then dark will certainly make them smaller. If you have smaller eyes, skip the dark liner on your lower waterline. Instead, opt for the liner, or even a dark shadow, on just the outer half of the lower lash line. This will draw light into the center of your face, making your eyes look larger and appear more open. 

Don’t Skip the Browbone.

To bring any eye look together, take a shadow that has a little sheen to it, nothing overly shimmery, and apply it right under the arch of your brow. This will give the illusion of lifted brows and will finish off any look perfectly.

Inner Corner Glow.

While you have that browbone shade out, place a little on the inner corner (where your eye meets your nose) to add more light and brightness. This creates a focal point, especially if you have smaller eyes. 

Don’t Skip the Mascara.

Think of your lashes as the curtains to your eyes. They are often the first thing others notice about you. Find a mascara that works well to provide length and volume to your lashes and apply a generous coat. Then, using a lash comb, gently comb through and separate the lashes. Apply a second coat. Repeat the process until you have the desired effect. 

Give Lashes a Thickness Boost.

Normally when you think of ways to boost your lashes, your mind goes right to mascara. However, apply a dark liner or even a dark shadow right at the lash line can give the appearance of naturally thicker lashes. This little trick is great for those days you’re in a hurry but what to make your eyes stand out.